Stress Management Seminars/Workshops

Our stress management seminars and workshops provide you with information and tools to understand and combat the devitalizing effects of stress.

What you will gain:

Our approach engages participants in a frank discussion of the complex issues contributing to our collective stress phenomena. Everyone experiences and responds to stress differently, and each person's stress profile requires a unique strategy to build upon and practice for effective results. Learning in a group setting provides a more comprehensive and dynamic view of the possibilities.

Participants will learn how and why negative stress continues to persist – mentally and physically – despite the many stopgap measures we have already tried out. By first identifying how personal, social, cultural and historical stress factors compound in one's stress profile, you can then learn how to better navigate this maze and shortcut your way to choosing and implementing strategies from the host of available stress reducing methods. You can make informed choices to combat the effects and costs of modern stress.

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National Statistics on Stress:

According to the Occupational Health and Safety News and the National Council of Compensation Insurance: